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Designing For Advance Identification Of Inevitable Drowsiness Using Galvanic Skin Response

In the contemporary field of world, the electronics plays an indispensable role.We have a low cost and compact instrument that helps to identify inevitable drowsiness in advance for prevention of accidents. The traditional vehicle-based and vision based drowsy detection become apparent only after the driver slept, which is often too late to prevent an accident. Now a day’s driver drowsiness has been important factor to increase the cause of accident death rate. In this paper the accident can be explained into two factors namely, artificial accident and natural accident. Artificial accident occurs due to the failure of man-made mechanism like brake failure, loss of steering wheel control and engine failure etc. Natural accident occurs due to our body tiredness and inevitable drowsiness, because these kind of inevitable drowsiness and human thoughts are vary depends on natural behaviors of human beings. It may due to climatic condition and mental stress or the driver’s body can’t support for their mental condition. Because of the fallowing reason, some researches are going on ECG and EEG signals to identify the drowsiness before accident happens. In this paper we describe how the small GSR (galvanic skin response) circuit helps in designing a compact instrument which reduces the accident rate due to inevitable drowsiness.TINA software is used to analyze the signal acquired from the subject. Keywords—ECG, EEG, GSR, and Drowsiness.