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MISO LUO Positive Output Dc-Dc Converter For Sustainable Energy Applications

Renewable energy resources have astonishing capabilities to fulfill ever increasing future demands. Changing climatic conditions is a major inherent drawback associated with it and MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) is one of the techniques used to overcome it (wind and solar). This paper has proposed a positive output super lift Luo converter which is integrated with multiple sources for reducing passive elements. The proposed topology can be used for low or high power applications and can be extended to interface any number of sources having different characteristics. In case used for renewable sources’ grid integration, number of active switches required will be only two for any number of sources. It also has a bidirectional battery storage port that improves reliability of the system. These systems are simulated in MATLAB software environment and results are obtained. Keywords- Luo converter, MISO Luo converter, Bidirectional battery port, MPPT, Renewable energy sources