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Optimization of Electric Grid for Power Theft Detection Using Iot

In this project, an attempt is made to detect the location and amount of power theft from the central control room using IoT. The proposed system is divided into 3 types of subsystems. A smart energy meter will continuously upload the power consumption at the customer end on a webpage. A pole unit will measure and upload the current flowing through the distribution line at a particular point. A Distribution unit will measure and compare the outgoing current values with all the values from different points to find and detect the power theft location. With the presented system it will be possible to monitor customer consumption and control the power supply from the webpage directly. Again pole units will narrow down the area to identify the nearest location of power theft. ESP8266 board along with CT is used to measure the current flowing through the distribution line. 16x2LCD module is used at smart meters to show the readings. Thing speak server will be used to design IoT connectivity. Keywords - Power Theft, IOT, Smart Grid, Electricity Distribution, DT, Smart Meters