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Modified Z- Source Dc-Dc Converter With MISO For PV Applications

Solar energy is abundant renewable energy resource that has astonishing capabilities to fulfill ever increasing future demands if utilized properly. Changing radiation intensity is a major inherent drawback associated with it and MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) is one of the techniques used to overcome it. The Z source DC-DC converter with MPPT has significant drawback of rippled source current and requires source filter. This paper deals with reducing ripple in current and improving gain of the system without increasing the number of components. Moreover, the proposed topology can be extended to form MISO (Multiple Input Single Output) system having capability to handle voltage sources with different magnitude as well as characteristics. The proposed integration system also has an advantage of flexibility of using any type of multilevel inverter for grid integration. The proposed system provides satisfactory results in terms of harmonics reduction than earlier Z source based inverter systems having integrated control strategy. These systems are simulated in MATLAB software environment and results are obtained. Keywords- Source Inductance, MPPT, Incremental Conductance method, Modified Z source booster, MISO