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Wind And Solar Power Integration For Microgrid With Low Power Fluctuations Using Super Capacitor

Recently renewable energy power generation is gaining importance for domestic applications because of the growing power demand and increasing concern about the use of fossil fuels in conventional power plant in future. Microgrid provides economically attractive electricity supply to customers with less impact on the environment and installable in small localities or on the same building. By observing these advantages an aggregated model has to be proposed for an integration of renewable sources such as wind and solar power. The power which can be produced from the renewable sources will be synchronized to the ac or to dc consumers through Supercapacitor and BESS (battery energy storage system). In these operations, Supercapacitor and BESS are equipped with the system for reducing power fluctuations, improving power quality and for maintaining the power balance. Thus, in this paper, a review of the wind and solar power integration for the microgrid is given with the Supercapacitor and battery energy storage for the low output fluctuations and the storage of the surplus energy for the future use, respectively, are studied. Keywords- Battery Energy Storage System, Distributed Energy Resources, Micro Grid, Supercapacitor, Wind Energy Conversion System.