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Energy Efficiency of Public Street Lighting Systems Onuniversity of Indonesiamain Road

Abstract - Research on energy efficiency is growing, including lighting technology. Most of the public street lighting systems in Indonesia follow Indonesian standards. However, the selection of the lamps did not use the calculation method. So, the results of the illumination level are above the standard range of illumination in Indonesia. A good lighting system is also a safety and security factor in driving. This study aims to improve energy efficiency and adjust illumination according to the Indonesian illumination standard range. This research was conducted in two ways. First, measuring the illumination with the point method. Next, evaluate the level of illumination using the Dialux application. In this study, two main parameters will be used,╬Žis the luminous flux, and W is the energy consumption used. While there are supporting parameters such as E is the light illumination, Ais the area, N is the number of lights, UF is the utilization factor, and MF is the maintenance factor. According to the luminous flux calculation method, the replacement scenario is to replace the lamps used with LEDs. The simulation results show that the use of LED lamps according to the calculation method, namely lamps with a luminous flux of 3572 lumens, will increase energy consumption efficiency by 63.64%, or from 315.36 kWh to 114.67 kWh per year. Keywords - Street Lighting, LED, Energy Efficiency