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Study LoRa Communication on the LoRa-Based Smart Metering Application at Faculty of Engineering in University of Indonesia

Abstract - Nowadays, everything we uses in our everyday activity is based on electricity from our regular phone to our vehicle. Current technological developments can support efforts to increase the accessibility of electricity supply to reach all regions, which are closely related to electricity consumption and electricity efficiency in Indonesia. The electric metering system with conventional kWh that has been applied previously is not sufficient to support the growing demand for electrical energy in Indonesia because the reading system has the characteristics of manual reading, is less efficient (takes a lot of time), data accuracy and application development is less, and requires labor costs. high. Smart meters with the application of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) with LoRa communication technology provide a solution to measure the energy consumption used, voltage, and other parameters in real-time. Some of the advantages of the kWh meter that supports the AMI system in energy management efforts are being able to record and process electricity consumption information automatically, close to real time, and be able to communicate in two directions. To determine the performance of the measurement system using a LoRa based three-phase multifunctional kWh meter, the measurement is implemented at Faculty of Engineering at the Univesity of Indonesia. For experiment test with distance 9.64 meters have average RSSI for 4 floor is -90.25 and SNR 8,55; for 3 floorare RSSI -104.5 and SNR 4.025; for 2 floor are RSSI -115.5 and SNR 0.625; for experiment test with distance 33.77 meters have average RSSI -113.25 and SNR -0.025 and for the last experiment with distance 68.93 meters have average RSSI -116.33 and SNR -1.567 Keywords-Advanced Metering Infrastructure; Smart Meter; LoRa; Gateway