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Protection Study in 9-Generator Power System under Grid-connected and Islanded Mode of Operations

Abstract - A proper relay coordination study is also required to maximize the power evacuation to the grid with the design & features of a grid islanding relay. The main and backup relays are required at the generator end considering bi-directional power flow. In case of a bulk captive load connected to a power plant, it is essential that the system must be connected back to the grid once the grid is stabilized. The requirement of an auto reclosing through synchronizing breakers with sync check relays by using appropriate generation control command for each generator operating in closed-loop control mode working in islanded condition to get back to the grid-connected mode by synchronizing with and issuing appropriate generation control command to each generator. So, the generator, operating in close loop control mode during islanded conditions gets back to the grid-connected mode by stabilizing the system voltage & frequency. Keywords - Droop Control, Power System Protection, Steady State Analysis, Transient Analysis