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A Finite Element Design and Simulation of Novel Piezoelectric Structure for Energy Harvesting

Abstract - This paper investigates and analyses the effect of dimension and boundary load parameters of a microscale piezoelectric energy cantilever beam harvester on its generated voltage. The rectangular cantilever beam is analysed with different piezoelectric materials to find the elite material for development of energy harvesting structure. Structural mechanics-based finite element analysis is carried out in the COMSOL Multiphysics software. It is observed that with the increase in the thickness of the rectangular cantilever beam(with holes) the output voltage increases. The FEM simulation with ZnOas piezoelectric material exhibits the maximum output voltage of 8.159V for a 1.8mm thickness of rectangular cantilever beam (with holes).So, the insertion of holes influences the output voltage generating capability of PEH. Keywords - Finite Element Simulation, Energy Harvester, Piezoelectric Materials, Vibration Energy