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Social Perception, Acceptance and Barrier of Electric Vehicle in Malaysia

Abstract - This paper studies the social perception, acceptance and barrier of Electric Vehicle (EV) in Malaysia based on a survey conducted with the participation of a total of 22793 Malaysians. The survey demonstrates the general perception of Malaysians toward EV, the sources of information regarding EV, the level of awareness of Malaysian to EV availability in Malaysia and the key barriers in purchasing EV. The survey findings show that Malaysians are well informed about EV and most of the information came from social media. Most of the respondents are aware of EV models available in Malaysia but only a small percentage of respondents owns an EV. Based on the survey findings, expensive purchasing costs, the uncertainty of maintenance cost and lack of information on the vehicle performance are the major hindrances to the deployment of EV in Malaysia. Keywords - Data Analysis, Electric Vehicle, Electric Vehicle Adoption, Survey.