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Design, Development and Simulation of a Quadruped Robot for Engineering Application

Abstract - Mobile robots have become highly popular in recent decades owing to their diverse applications. Legged robots, a category of mobile robots, can walk over obstacles and navigate unstructured terrains better than wheeled and tracked robots. The thesis focuses on the Design, simulation, electronics, hardware and software testing of a quadruped robot. The selection and integration of electronics and hardware plays a vital role in the development of quadruped robot. The direct kinematic and the inverse kinematic models were utilized to control the robotic legs. A dynamic model based on the Lagrange technique has been implemented for selection of motors. Unity simulation environment is set up for the quadruped robot movement and gait pattern. Testing and programming an individual leg is carried out to understand the software firmware. The dynamic quadruped robot is interfaced with unity platform for the functionality of sensor, actuator and controller to achieve locomotion. Keywords - Mobile Robots, Terrain, Kinematics, Lagrange Technique, Unity