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Five Level Transistor Clamped T Type Multilevel Inverter with Nearest Level Control

Abstract - For medium and high-power applications, Multilevel inverters are generally used. The structure of these multilevel inverters is to synthesize sinusoidal waveform from several levels of voltages. In this paper, a five-level transistor clamped T-type multilevel inverter is discussed. The advantage of using this five-level multilevel inverter is the reduction in reducing the power electronics switches and driver circuits that are required to drive them. If we compare this topology with conventional one then the major difference is that it uses a lesser number of switches, so that it reduces the complexity of the system as well as the overall size of the system. Therefore, the harmonics are reduced and minimizes the cost. The switching loss is also reduced here, due to the use of a smaller number of switches; which are used to conduct for specific time-intervals. The simulation of this seven-level cascaded multilevel inverter is carried out with implementation of nearest level control. Keywords - Multilevel Inverter, Transistor Clamped, T-Type, Nearest Level Control.