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Simulation of Control System Hybrid Solar Cell and Wind Power Plant Using Batteries As A Independent Household Electricity Manufacturer

Abstract - The Use and utilization of existing energy is increasingly limited because fossil power plants which are still massively used have many impacts on the environment due to the emissions released. The use of renewable energy as a source of electricity is a solution to reduce the use of fossil fuels that provide a lot of emissions. However, this renewable energy has drawbacks because the input and output provided by the source are unpredictable, causing the energy released to be unstable and allowing energy supplies to not be available when needed (intermittent). In this study, the use of hybrid solar cells and wind turbines will be simulated to be applied to the roof of the house. The test of this research uses Matlab/Simulink software to calculate several input conditions from wind speed and irradiant received by the system input with the aim of meeting the electrical load of the house. In this study, the total electrical load was 48.51kWh/day by taking into account the work protection factor of the load system increased to 63.06kWh/day. The results showed that the hybrid generating system used 18 units of 300Wp solar cells and 2000W wind turbine with a total of 20 batteries. The battery works in a bi-directional manner to control the system output so that the output provided is stable in meeting load requirements. This hybrid system can supply 67kW of power which already meets the electricity needs of the house independently. Keywords - Renewable Power plant, Green Energy, Hybrid System, PLTS Roof, PLTB Roof