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Analysis of an Asymmetrical Cascaded H-Bridge Nine Level Inverter with Fuzzy Logic Controller

In this paper, switching technique is achieved by fuzzy logic controller i.e. fuzzy logic approach. Fuzzy logic controller acts as look up table and pulse generator in proposed method. The traditional logic gate switching design is being simplified by such approach which eliminates additional blocks. The set of fuzzy rules, proper selection of membership functions provides pulses to semiconductor switches. The proposed technique is implemented on an asymmetrical cascaded h-bridge nine level inverter with selective harmonic elimination. The performance of inverter with defined technique is verified through simulation results. Keywords - Cascaded H-bridge inverter(CHB inverter), Fuzzy logic Controller(FLC), Membership Function(MF), Newton Raphson Method (NR method), Pulse Width Modultion (PWM), Selective Harmonic Elimination (SHE).