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Application of P&O Method in MPPT Approach for Boost Converter

Renewable energy is the most used substitute source of energy. The planning India has done to prepare 20 GW of solar energy by the year 2021, in which till now we have succeeded to do so. Due to the shortage of non-renewable resources the renewable resources find to be the most reliable source of energy. To get the maximum outcome the constraints used in the system should be improved. For optimization point of view maximum power point tracking is the most prominent approach for tying grid to inverters, solar battery chargers and identical devices to get the maximum solar power from one or more panels. By the MPPT technique the perturb and observe optimization approach is the most efficient approach. In this methodology the controller adjusts the voltage by a small amount of an array and measures the power, the power rises until the power no extensive rises. In this paper, we have optimized the system pursuance by P&O method using boost converter. By changing the duty cycle of the boost converter, the basis impedance can be harmonized to enhance the efficacy of the system. The pursuance can be enhanced by the MATLAB/Simulink. Keywords - MATLAB/Simulink, MPPT Approach, P&O Optimization, Solar Panel, Boost Converter, Grid, Controller, Inverters, Solar Power, Duty Cycle, Array.