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Consumer’s Energy Management System (Ems) Under Power Rate And Grid Tariffs

Abstract - The development and utilization level of energy is an important symbol of the technology and living standards of the society, In the meanwhile energy costs are increased by, among others, the cost of regulation and distribution. The new grid tariffs in a hearing document that should give consumers incentives on the low voltage grid economic incentives to reduce peek- consumption and reduce grid investment cost for the power grid. At the crux of the smart energy efficient electric energy management system; the logic presented and calculations of its performance give impressive results where load peek for a residential house can be significantly reduced by 62.70%. Furthermore, the combined cost for grid tariff and power prices reduced by 22.40%. This can have a substantial beneficial effect for the distribution system operator (DSO) and transmission system operator (TSO) by better exploiting the grid, and it can have a beneficial effect for the consumer in the form of lower energy costs. Keywords - Energy Management System, Grid Tariffs, DSO, Energy Power Rate, EV Charging.