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Mass Compliance of a Novel Curvilinear-Jaw Robotic Gripper with Optimality Criteria using Topology Optimization

Currently, the robotic grippers are gaining admiration with numerous design modulations in its jaws. These grippers are used in all domains of industrial applications. The objective of the present work is to attain size minimization and mass compliance of an indigenously developed robotic gripper having two fingers that are broadly used in industrial robots. Thisnovel contigutive robotic gripper is developed for direct adhesion contact in order to meet the technical challenges of force closure of the grasp. The motto here is to chop off undesirable mass of the prototype gripper keeping the strength unchanged. The material retention percentage is defined for the prototype gripper using customized topology optimization so as to improve its overall envelope. Keywords - Topology, Optimization, Compliance, Mass, Design, Robotic Gripper, Articulated Jaw