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Zeigler-Nicholas and Cohen Coon approaches for Controlling A 2- DOF Helicopter Model

A Zeigler-Nicholas and Cohen Coon control strategy is presented for a 2 degrees of freedom (DOF) helicopter system. Where a rigorous Lyapunov-based analysis is provided to prove convergence to the desired set points, which achieves asymptotic attitude directive to desired set points as well as trajectory tracing. To flabbergast the practical boundaries of velocity measurements, a PID controller is designed to estimate the angular velocities. The convergence of the estimated velocities to the actual velocities is proven via a rough Lyapunov-based analysis and demonstrated through MATLAB simulations. In addition, MATLAB simulations are shown, to validate the effectiveness of the control law when applied to the nonlinear system dynamics. The control strategy is experimentally verified on the Quanser 2-DOF helicopter. Keywords - 2-DOF Helicopter; Intelligent Control; PID; Simulation; LQR; Tuning Strategy; PID Tuning.