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Robust Sliding Mode Control via Type-2 Fuzzy Logic for Doubly Star Induction Motor

To ensure the proper control of the system of doubly star induction motor (DSIM), a novel proposed scheme control using the Type-2 Fuzzy logic sliding mode technique (T2FLSMC) for to control the speed of a DSIM, to make guaranteeing the stability and the robustness performance machine system. An appropriate combination of the sliding mode controller (SMC) Improved by type 2 fuzzy logic is adopted for approximate the discontinuous control of SMC to improve the robustness of control systems with high accuracy and can eliminates the chattering effect. The control system is modelled, simulated and validated in MATLAB/Simulink, behaviour; the modelling details and the simulations results obtained are presented described in detail after. Keywords - DSIM, Type 2 Fuzzy, Sliding Mode, Discontinuous Control, Chattering.