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Comparative Analysis of Smart Grid Simulators

The power grid has begun its move towards the Smart Grid. These advancements increments the level of complexity in the energy system, emerging from the integration of distributed and renewable energy resources, smart meters, smart appliances etc. into the electrical grid. Since the operation of a power grid is imperative for its users, openings for testing novel approaches are constrained. Subsequently, to assess the affect of new strategies for future smart grids, simulation should be utilized. This paper is motivated by the need of point to point smart grid simulator surveys. We look at various accessible simulators and categorize them in various heads: hardware, power network, and communication network and application simulators. We provide brief portrayals of simulators. Finally a comparison is made between the three prominent works done in simulating the smart grid application. Keywords - Smart Grid, Simulation, Demand Management, Power Network, Communication Network, Smart Grid Application