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Automatic Detection of Electrocution and Revention

Electrocution is defined as the injury or death of living beings due to electric shock. This paper looks at various reasons for electrocution and also provides some solution using electronic hardware to avoid it. We identify the electrocution risk, and take measures to avoid the risks associated with electrocution. When an object comes in the vicinity of electric transmission lines we have proposed a method to instantly sense through the ultrasonic sensor and metal detector and activates the buzzer and breaks down the power. Also sends the location to a substation with the help of GSM Module to solve the problem. The power supply will be immediately disconnected if any object stays in the vicinity of the transmission line for more than threshold amount of time. Here we looked at the electrocution problems associated with transmission lines and provide the improvements that can be done on our approach. Keywords - Electrocution, Global System for Mobile Communication [GSM], Ultrasonic Sensor, Arduino Uno