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Modeling of Quasi Z Source Inverter with Photo Voltaic Input for Commercial Implementations

The proposed paper represents a ac power supply circuit with one phase that utilizes an improved QZSI topology fed by a voltage source; it can be implemented for the resistive, inductive and capacitive load. The ordinary current source and voltage source inverters posses the drawback of short circuiting the source when the two switches in the same leg or phase are fired simultaneously. Optimum achievable ac voltage at the output is not more the input DC voltage and the magnitude of the output voltage will be much lesser than the input DC voltage. Both inverters such as z-source and quasi zsource inverter recover from these disadvantage by using the several shoot through zero modes. The topology, working mode, gain in voltage, methods of control, and its implementation are discussed. It involves soft switching which is used in place of the Z-topology diode to a switch that operates in both directions, thus resolves the improper operating state under light load. Adaptability and rationality of the module is checked using the simulation and experimental results. Keywords - QZSI-Quasi Z Source Inverter, Soft Switching