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Experimental Studies of Thickness Measurement for Thin Film by Interferometry Techniques

The paper mainly emphasizes on the experimental studies of thickness measurement for thin film by Interferometry Techniques. The research problem in this study is difficulties on thickness measurement of Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) thin film to an uncertainty of nanometer range. The solution of this research problem is to measure the thickness of the thin film based on phase modulation with interference signal, optical path difference, error value and thickness value. The objective of this research is to achieve better performance of the thin film thickness measurement in the range of nanometer skill. The experimental results in this study confirm that the measurement technique of thin film in this study was met the high performance applications in real world. The analyses were carried out with the experimental approaches by approving the numerical methods in the laboratory. Keywords - Thickness Measurement, Thin Film, Sinusoidal Wavelength-Scanning Interferometer, Optical Signal Processing, MATLAB.