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Analysis Of Si-Ge Heterojunction-Based Optically Controlled Field Effect Transistor Design with Physical Parameters

The paper mainly focuses on the analysis of Si-Ge heterojuction-based optically controlled field effect transistor (OCFET) design with physical parameters. There has been one research problem in designing of OCFET based on group IV material to observe the high performance condition in device fabrication process. The objective of this study is to find the heterojuction structure for OCFET with numerical analysis. The first analysis was done with energy band diagram considerations for device modeling with mathematical expressions. The second portion of analysis is to acquire the collection efficiency at gate-source junction in OCFET structure based on its length in numerical simulation. The third simulation results were optical characteristics of Si-Ge heterojuction-based materials for developed OCFET structure. The simulation results confirm that the analyses and approaches to design the OCFET with mathematical modeling were met the outcomes from the experimental studies in recent research in the world. The simulation results were carried out with the help of MATLAB language. Keywords - Si-Ge Heterojuction, Optically Controlled Field Effect Transistor Design, Physical Parameters, Energy Band Diagram Considerations, Collection Efficiency, Optical Characteristics.