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Time Domain Modeling of a Microwave Schottky Diode Circuit by Pade- Exponential

The aim of this paper is to analyze the Schottky diode in the nonlinear microwave circuits and radio Frequency circuits by Numerical and Pade- Taylor and the solution also by Stiff Problem at a high frequency(900MHz) that we used the time domain and to obtain time very small in order to get high accuracy and great efficiency after analysis by Pade- Taylor We used the Matlab code by the Pade - Taylor equation to get a wave form Several Pade- based algorithms are proposed to improve the accuracy and efficiency when solving the stiff systems. The Pade-Taylor method is the basic one which obtains the parameters by comparison with the Taylor series. The Pade-exponential method is used to increase the efficiency if the system has exponential components. We introduce nonlinear large signal .a new type of time -domain mapping that relates incident and reflected signals. A large non-linear signal is also provided, and equations related to various representations are derived. We demonstrate how a large non-linear signal can be used as a tool in the design of non-linear circuits, specifically the 900 MHz diode frequency. If the non-linear model is not readily available.. SO WE solve by use cod MATLAB. This code solves a Cauchy problem, describing a non-linear Schottky diode circuit, in the time domain. The numerical method used is PADE-Taylor. In the electric circuits in very microwave and radio frequencies that depend on nonlinear feeding, we took the diode to study it at a high frequency up to 900 MHz in the feed. Matlab, which facilitates several operations in the analysis and Matlab has a role in the analysis and mathematical solution of several circles and the work of Matlab, we get a waveform of the Schottky diode. Keywords - Analysis, Schottky Diode, Pade-approximate Method, Time Domain, Stiff Problem.