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Breath Analysis System for Pranayam using Temperature Sensor

Measurement of respiration rate can be a very vital parameter for the health observation system. An abnormal respiration rate can indicate a range of chronic disease like; blood pressure, asthma, COPD, emphysema, respiratory illness and lot more. Here we present a recently developed system for measuring breath with the temperature sensor element, particularly for pranayama and Yoga. Presently while doing pranayama, it is said to learner to observe the breath and take control over it, and this observation is completely done by the learner himself, the yoga trainer is just instructing the learners for taking control on the breathing rate, but the trainer was unable the get the details of breathing rate of his students. If the trainer is capable of observing this kind of details of breathing rate, he will be capable of actual delivery of his instruction to others, so that control of breathe during pranayama can be achieved easily and this paper would like to present a design of system which overcome the problem associated to the learners and instructor while doing pranayama or asanas in which control over breathe is required. The proposed designed system can make measure the temperature distinction between inhalation and exhalation phases of the respiratory cycle. This distinction will assist any yoga trainer to instruct and allow learner to properly acquire the control on his breathe.