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A SSR Damping Strategy for a Power System with Varying Range of Series Compensation

In this paper asubsynchronous resonance (SSR) damping strategy is suggested for a power system with varying degree of series compensation. A mid-point located SVS equipped with a joint signal composed of reactive power and bus frequency deviations has been utilized to damp out torsional oscillations grown due to SSR. The test system for adjudging the usefulness of the controller under consideration is IEEE first benchmark model having SVS connected at the mid-point of the transmission line. Eigenvalue analysis has been carried out for the linearized power system model to investigate the unstable torsional modes. The eigenvalue analysis illustrates the efficacy of the Combined Reactive Power & Bus Frequency (CRPF) SVS controller over a varyingrange of the series compensation. The non-linear system model is further investigated for transient conditions to ensure the compatibility of the proposed signal. All results obtained at 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% series compensation approve the usefulness of the SVS controller under consideration. Keywords - IEEE first bench-mark model, Series compensation, Varying compensation, Non-linear system, CRPBF SVS controller, Eigenvalues.