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Visible Light Communication Localizationin Underground Miningrescue

In the traditional mine rescue, relying on manual mining to rescue the trapped miners is not only inefficient but also increases the risk factor of the rescuers. However, the obstacles distribute in mining, and it is difficult to determine the real-time position of the trapped miners. Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is considered as the primary selection; it can enhance the efficiency in the mining rescue. This paper presents a visible light communication (VLC) localization rescue system based on multi-UAVs. The location of UAVs can be transmitted to the cloud server. Analysis of multi-UAV’s positions and online trajectory predictions are also carried out in the cloud. Experimental data verified the accuracy of the selected localization algorithm. Results demonstrate that multi-UAVs can be located by visible light communication, and their trajectory optimization can be realized in the cloud so that the accuracy of position is improved and the localization information can be stored in the cloud. This study provides references in the fields of system modeling, minimizing the localization estimation error, and information exchange for solving the contradiction between the low efficiency of positioning and the randomness of trajectory acquisition, subsequently realizing the application of visible light communication based on multi-UAVs in underground mining rescue. Keywords - Visible Light Communication, UAV, Underground Mining Rescue, Cloud Storage.