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High Frequency of Cascode LNA Using T-Matching Network for LTE Application

This paper presents a high frequency of Cascoded LNA using T-matching network applicable for LTE application. The amplifier use FHX76LP Low Noise Super HEMT FET. The high frequency of LNA designed used Tmatching network consisting of lump element reactive element at the input and the output terminal. This amplifier produced gain of 18.5 dB and noise figure (NF) of 1.44 dB. The input reflection (S11) and output return loss (S22) are -11.5 dB and - 12.3 dB respectively. The bandwidth of the amplifier recorded is 1.4GHz. The input sensitivity is compliant with the 4G standards. Keyword - Cascode LNA, Radio Frequency, T -Matching Network