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Reactive Power Compensation for Enhancement of Voltage Stability in Wind Energy Conversion System

In the electrical power system reactive power compensation plays a predominant role to maintain the voltage stability and power factor. Reactive power compensation can be done by power electronics devices using L and C components this will improve the voltage profile and losses will be reduced. FACTS controllers can be used for various applications to enhance power system performance. In this paper we have considered many FACT devices such as STACOM, SSSC and UPFC. We have done the analysis using PSCAD with different FACT devices, compare to other FACT devices UPFC provides better control for independent of real and reactive power flow in system during the contingency. Moreover UPFC gives better rotor stability of wind energy conversion system. The results have been verified with IEEE 30 bus system using PSCAD software. Results shows that UPFC gave better controllability and stability of the power system compare to other devices. Keywords - STATCOM, static synchronous series compensator, Unified power flow controller, reactive power compensation.