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Garbage Monitoring and Collection with Future Prediction of Waste Material by Using IoT Smart System

Now a days, Garbage collection management is very important issue for cleaning the environment. The garbage amount is increasing in major cities of the world due to population growth. This garbage contamination into an environment causes a large irreversible effect, absence of order and detriment/distress to the ecosystem. The developing countries and the most populated cities in the world are badly affected by the population growth. Improper garbage disposal causes various issues like health problems, hazards and environment pollution. Proper arrangement and prediction of garbage is necessary to make environment clean and for future counter measures. The garbage management and removal are performing a main role to improve the health of the people. The garbage collection management could be performed manually in traditional way as well as by using modern technologies. This paper presents a modern garbage management, prediction and collection system using Internet of Things (IoT). The proposed system would be based on smart dumpster that contains an ultrasonic ranging module for the garbage level detection, a infrared (IR) flame sensor to detect flame in the dumpster, Arduino UNO, SkyNav GPS Module for getting GPS coordinates and a GSM SIM 900D module to send the alert SMS to the concerned authorities. The weight sensor is used to measure the total garbage in the dumpster on daily basis to made prediction for future collection and planning. The system sends alert SMS when it detects any change along with the dumpster location coordinates with the help of GSM module. Keywords - Ultrasonic Ranging Module; Detect Flame Sensor; SMS Alert; GSM Module; ARDUINO UNO.