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Online/Offline Web Services, Telecommunication and Management within Remote Labs, Universities and Research Centers

This paper presents the work of developing a new universal platform for distance education and experiments with extendible services and functionalities. This platform is adaptable for all types of schools, universities, remote labs, research centers and educational institutions with separated services and databases for each level of education and telecommunication. In addition, this paper presents the development of online/offline services for textual and audiovisual communication, and services collaboration between departments, offices and employees of educational and research establishments. Moreover, we present the results of this research basing on the concept of online/offline web services, telecommunication and management where they may be delivered with or without using the internet, with free monetary charges of data transfer while using Real-Time capacities. Keywords - E-learning, Confidentiality, Data Integrity, Distance Experiments, Free Communication, Networks Management, Networks Supervision, Real-Time Services, Remote Labs, Telecommunication, Universal Platform, Web Services.