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A Development of Solar Dryer using Parabolic Mirror Plates

Utilization of solar energy has been encouragedin many parts of the world in order to delay the arrival of energy crisis. In tropical countries, like Thailand, open sun drying of foods is traditionally used in household but there are some disadvantages of this method such as contamination and no protection from rain or dew that wets the product. This study aims to develop a new solar dryer using parabolic mirror plates as solar collector and other materials readily obtained in community. The performance of the new dryer was evaluated both in the closed and open systems by measuring the temperature inside the cabinet every ten minutes during 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on sunny day. The results reveal that the new dryer can heat the temperature inside the cabinet from 33 up to 120 °C with the average of 90.8°C for the closed system and from 33 up to 90 °C with the average of 67.0 °C for the open system. The developed dryer can be used as a pilot for everyday use in community and its performance can serve for drying common foods, such as fish and agricultural products. Keywords - Solar Dryer; Parabolic Mirror Plate; Renewable Energy