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Efficient System for Monitoring and Protection of Transformer Parameters

The transformer is a basic and very important component of the power system. It acts as a link between the generation point and consumer’s end of a power network through the power distribution channel. Most of the distribution power systems have manytransformers. This element of the power network needs to be monitored and controlled in real time. As the transformers are well-known to be expensive, their failures must be minimized by using suitable techniques like failure and overload insulation.This paper proposes a simple method for monitoring the health of the transformer in terms of the current, voltage, temperature, and oil level.The proposed method is based on monitoring the foregoing four parameters of the transformer using a liquid-crystal display (LCD) screen. In addition, the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) was applied to make the transformer more efficient by protectingit from any failures. The monitoring system takes information from the transformer and sends it to a control room for further processing. If any problem occurs for any of the parameters of the transformer,then a message will be automatically sent by the GSM to the control room. As the results demonstrated, the proposed method corresponds to an effective system of monitoring the transformer parameters that runs at low cost. Keywords - Transformer, Monitoring, Protection, Arduino.