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Degradation Processes and Revitalization Effect in Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cells

Investigation of the effect of thin coatings on monocrystalline silicon solar cells with an approximate age of 20 years has been carried out. Semiconductor (CdS) and metallic (Al, Ag and Co) nanolayers were deposited by chemical bath deposition and magnetron sputtering techniques in photovoltaic cells that showed an essential decrease in their original parameters (open circuit voltage and efficiency) due to temporary degradation. It was found that superficial thin film of CdS deposited over the illuminated cell’s surface greatly enhances its open circuit voltage and efficiency, whereas transparent metal films reduce the parameters mentioned. Investigation of the effects observed leads to the conclusion that the origin of large degradation is the reduction of the potential barrier in p-n junction, and the revitalization discovered is the result of appearance of additional barrier between n-Si part of the cell and n+-CdS film. Keywords - Degradation in Silicon Solar Cells, Revitalization, CdS Nanolayer, Potential Barrier.