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Studies of Krypton Implanted Silicon Materials at Low Energy Ion Beam for Electronic Devices

In this paper, we aim to synthesize Silicon nanocrystals, by doping pristine silicon with inert gas atoms. In this study, p-silicon wafers implanted with Kr++ ions at different energies and different fluences were synthesized. The optical and structural properties of pristine and implanted silicon samples were studied using PL and XRD techniques. XRD study showed the shift in the peak of implanted samples with respect to that of pristine silicon. The crystalline size varied according to the fluences. Photoluminescence of implanted samples showed peaks attributed to krypton and silicon transitions respectively. The intensity of this peak was found to reduce with ion fluence and it varies for different energies. The obtained porous silicon could be filled with magnetic materials. Keywords - Krypton, Silicon, Nanocrystals, XRD, PL.