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Initial Study for The Use of Uavs in The Detection of Failures in Power Lines of SMC

The major challenge for distribution utilities today is to offer their customers with reliable electricity. Especially it is very important a more stable service to the industries by forcing the search for improvements and cutting edge technologies that meet the new quality requirements. With this work the authors make an initial study for the use of UAVs in the detection of failures in power lines of Catoca Mining Society Lda., which is an Angolan company for the prospecting, exploration, recovery and commercialization of diamonds. In the current research the authors pretend give them the results of the summary of equipments, software and estimated cost of the tasks, including a comparison among several types of UAVs, in order to evaluate both the economic and technical factors present in the development of a real project, with the final purpose of calculating the advantages and disadvantages of each one of the choices. As the mine has production of more than 1 million carats each year, this Enterprise is a very important objective to the country, therefore as the project will help to the sta bility of its energy supply, it will help to the diamonds production in Angola. Keywords - UAVs, Failures, Power Lines, Catoca, SMC.