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Topology Evaluation of High Gain DC-DC Converters for Photovoltaic Application

The photovoltaic (PV) system has gained attention in recent days due to its non-polluting nature, easy availability and high reliability compared to the conventional fossil fuels. But the output DC voltage from the PV source is very low and hence a suitable power electronic converter is required. Various mixture of front end DC-DC converters have been developed in the literature to achieve a high gain. But these topologies employ series connected configuration to extract maximum power from PV. But this paper proposes a high gain Flying Capacitor Boost Converter (FLCBC) that achieves a high gain at a low value of duty ratio. Moreover, this topology results in reduced voltage stress across the power switches, reduced inductor size and high efficiency. The circuit configuration of the suggested topology is studied in MATLAB/SIMULINK. The attractive feature of the proposed converter is compared with the boost converter and quadratic boost converter. A prototype of the converter is rigged up to verify the simulation results. Keywords - PV, Quadratic Flying Capacitor Boost Converter (QBC) and Ripple.