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Sustainable Development of Electric Vehicles in The Pearl Reiver Delta Area of China

Green technology has been increasingly penetrated into our daily life during the past decade. Electric vehicles (EV), as one significant application of sustainable technology, have been widely accepted by both corporate users and individual customers. Recently, Chinese government has been firmly driving its macro-economic policy, “Made in China 2025”, in manufactory and industrial fields. Meanwhile, Chinese citizens urge a cleaner natural environment for their healthy urban life. Promotion of EV turns to be one attractive solution for a large number of stakeholders from various sectors. This chapter begins with review of cutting-edge EV technology development internationally, covering smart control and driving technology, new batteries and energy storage devices. It followed by comparative analysis on impelling policies which are currently effective at the Pearl River Delta Area (PRDA) of China. Policies from different authorities and departments need subtle cooperation in order to be fully executed. This chapter discusses multiple incentives from three aspects: technology side, economic reasons, and policy direction. The author believes that both EV manufactory and consumption in PRDA will face to steady growth in the following years. It is concluded that an upward trend of EV penetration in PRDA will positively contribute to sustainable energy as well as green finance projects in future. Keywords - Electric Vehicle, Renewable Energy, Green Finance, Sustainable Development.