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Battery Charging of Electric Vehicle using Photovoltaic System

Due to the increased usage of petroleum products, the environment conditions have dramatically changed. The climatic changes and environmental depletions have led to the rise of electric vehicles in India. Thus, as the electric vehicle increases, the setting up of charging station has been a keen place of interest. The recent charging stations employ the usage of grid. This in turn can cause disturbance in the grid if the load demand become high. The concept of this project is to develop and implement a charging station using PV system. The PV system can reduce the burden on the load and also reduce the environmental issues. The battery charging loop and MPPT control loop combines to give voltage reference. The control aim is to balance the power flow from PV module to battery such that the power is utilized effectively. A 50W prototype system is built. The results obtained are proved with simulation and experimental results. The simulation is done using MATLAB Simulink. Keywords - Electric Vehicle, Battery Charging, SEPIC Converter, PV System