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Statistical Description of RCS using Probability Density Function

The Radar Cross Section (RCS) of a target is not a constant. In general RCS is a complex function of frequency, polarization, aspect angle. These should be considered for a simple scatterer also, in this paper the main focus is on the demonstration of RCS of a target modelled as a set of many individual point scatterers which is a function of aspect angle, frequency. The behaviour of a complex target leads to use a statistical description for RCS. The RCS of the scatterers within a single resolution cell is considered to be a random variable with a Probability Description Function (PDF). The results of the same were generated in Matlab. Finally the decorrelation in frequency for a fixed aspect angle is shown and found to match with predicted values of Δθ and ΔF. Keywords - Radar Cross Section, Scatterer, Probability Density function, Correlation, Histogram