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5 Level Diode Clamped Multilevel Inverter based STATCOM for Power Factor Improvement

In the following paper, a 5-level DCMI [diode clamped multilevel inverter] is used in the STATCOM for the improvement of the power factor (P.F). The reason behind using the 5-level DCMI is it enhances the voltage quality as well as the voltage stress on the electronic devices is also reduced. Moreover, a 5-level DCMI is also used to impact THD in a better way as compared to two or three level inverters as more output steps results in reduced Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). The switching strategy used for the 5-level DCMI is pulse width modulation (PWM). STATCOM using a 5-level DCMI is simulated in the MATLAB and its performance is presented. Keywords - 5-Level Diode Clamped Multilevel Inverter, STATCOM, PWM