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1:6 Full Auto Fire Extinguishing Robot

This project is initiated with much respect to the firemen, with an aim to help reduce risks when they discharge their duties and to benefit Hong Kong's general public. While much research and development on an automated fire extinguisher robotic system has been done in many countries, there has not been much development in Hong Kong in this area. Those robotic systems developed in other countries have yet to be adopted to Hong Kong's compact environment. Majority of the fire extinguisher robots presently available spray water to eliminate fire. The hose for supplying water restricts the mobility of these robots, especially in Hong Kong buildings where there are many turns and passages are narrow, thus reducing their firefighting effectiveness. In this piece of work, we aimed to design a full auto fire extinguishing robot for packed city like Hong Kong and also demonstrated our work by a 1:6 rebot. Keywords - Fire Extinguishing Robot; Connection Between Sensors.