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A New Method to Share Reactive Power in Microgrids

Microgrid is emerging as the answer to the high integration of local and distributed renewable generation to fulfil the rising demand for renewable electrical energy. The Microgrid approach implies some big challenges to be taken care. Among them, reactive power sharing by renewable resources is a challenge as in conventional grid the operator supported on a central control communication system manages it. This paper presents a new approach to handle the reactive power sharing in Microgrids. The sharing of reactive power in this new approach is with a distributive method based on measuring the local variables across the terminals of connection. This is made possible by adding a new functionality to the controller of the VSC interconnecting the renewable source to the Microgrid to take care of load needs and accordingly to configure the parameters of the controller changing the power sharing with high dynamics. The VSC modeling and design of its controller is done in dq reference frame. The reactive power control is vector one, decoupling the controlled variables. The work is carried out in PSIM software environment Keywords - Distribution Generation, Microgrid, Reactive Power, TheveninĀ“s Equivalent Impedance, Voltage Source Inverter.