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A Comparative Analysis between Neutrosophic AHP and Neutrosophic SAW and WPM Methods

Neutrosophic Sets [1] has been applied in multicriteria decision making (MCDM). Interval-valued neutrosophic sets is a subclass of neutrosophic sets. Interval numbers can be used for their truth-membership, indeterminacy-membership, and falsity-membership degrees. In this paper, we introduce a comparison analysis between interval-valued neutrosophic AHP (IVN-AHP), interval-valued neutrosophic Simple Additive Weighting (IVN SAW) and interval-valued neutrosophic Weighted Product Method (IVN WPM) for derivative product selection in OTC market for Istanbul Takas and Saklama Bankası A.S. in Turkey. The problem is consist of three criteria with three alternatives. Finally the methods are evaluated based on obtained results. Keywords - Interval-valued Neutrosophic Sets, AHP, SAW, WPM, Derivative Product Selection.