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The Development of ZnO: Li MEMS Lead-Free Piezoelectric Accelerometers

In this study, LZO (ZnO: 3 mol%Li) films were deposited on Si substrates by RF magnetron sputtering system. From the XRD and SEM observations, the LZO films showed c-axis preferred orientation. The piezoelectric constant d33value was measured as 13.8 pm/V, which is larger than those of the reported data. The accelerometers were then fabricated by MEMS process technology with the structure configuration of Si/SiO2/Pt/LZO/Pt and the sensitivity is 1.27 mv/g; the resonance frequency is 7800 Hz which can be used for unmanned vehicle applications. Keywords - ANSYS, Lead-Free, MEMS, Piezoelectricity, ZnO