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Fuzzy Logic Control based Internal Model Control Scheme and Model Order Reduction for Load Frequency Control in Power System

This paper demonstrates a modified form of TDF-IMC scheme performed by using Fuzzy Logic controller. By model order reduction, the full order model is reduced to a lower order reduced model .This second order reduced model(approximated by Pade’s and Routh’s formula) is used as a predictive model in the IMC structure. Fuzzy logic control based TDF-IMC scheme is designed using the reduced models. The proposed approach is extended by designing a Two-area-TDF-IMC scheme for load frequency control in two area power system. The simulink model uses fuzzy logic controller as the control technique. MATLAB software is used for simulation and illustration of results. Keywords - Internal Model Control (IMC), Load Frequency Control (LFC), Model Order Reduction, Fuzzy Logic Control, Robustness.