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Novel Single-Stage Five-Level Quasi Cascaded H-Bridgeboost Inverter

In recent years multilevel inverters are gaining popularity in industries due to its perks over conventional two level inverter such as reduced THD in the output voltage and reduced electromagnetic interference. This paper introduces a quasi-cascaded H-bridge boost five-level inverter (qCHB-BFLI). The suggested inverter is a single stage boost inverter with shoot-through capability. Whereas, in case of conventional cascaded multilevel inverter shoot-through capability is absent and separate boosting circuit is required so single stage boosting is not possible. This paper introduces circuit analysis, working principle and results of simulation for the proposed qCHB-BFLI. Keywords - Boost Inverter; Cascaded H-Bridge (CHB) Inverter; Five-Level Inverter (FLI); Quasi-Z-Source Inverter (qZSI); Shoot-Through State (STS).