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Transformerless Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with Reliable and High Efficient Configuration for PV System

Transformerless cascaded multilevel inverter (CMLI) with reliable and high efficient configuration for photovoltaic (PV) application is presented in this paper. Parasitic capacitance of PV module introduces leakage current in the transformerless inverter topology. Absence of transformer lower the size, cost and weight of the PV system with increased efficiency. The main purpose this paper is lower the leakage current, switching losses, conduction losses and reduce number of switches. Modified pulse width modulation technique is presented for five level CMLI to reduce leakage current by avoiding high frequency transition in common mode voltage (CMV) terminal voltage. Size of electromagnetic interference filter is reduced due to low leakage current. Five level CMLI is easily extended for more number level. PWM technique for 2n+1 level is also presented in this paper, where n means number of PV source. The proposed CMLI maintain the total harmonic distortion as per IEEE 1547 standard. The simulation and operation principles are discussed here in details and experimental results are presented. Keywords - Transformerless Photovoltaic Inverter, Leakage Current, Common Mode, Cascaded Multilevel Inverter.