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A Single Stage SAPF based on Single Phase Transformer Coupled with 3-∅ Bridge Converters

A single stage shunt active power filter (SAPF) circuit based on three single-phase transformers coupled with 𝟑−∅ bridge converter proposed for reducing number of components, for use of single DC-link capacitor, source current harmonics, reducing semiconductor losses. The SAPF circuit consists of a 𝟑−∅ voltage source converter, DC-link capacitor,𝟏−∅ transformers. Use of single DC-link capacitor reduces complexity of circuit & reduces problems with unbalance dc-link voltage & power-distribution in single cell. In this usage of less number of semiconductor switches compared to previous topology reduces semiconductor losses. Use of transformers & hysteresis control PWM techniques reduces source current harmonics. The operating principles, waveform & design of SAPF circuit are discussed. MATLAB simulation of proposed topology also presented in detail. Keywords - SAPF, 3−∅ Bridge Converters, Single DC-link Capacitor, 1−∅ Transformers.